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Obs Journey Update: August 2023

Dear Obs Journey friend, We long for good news, it lifts our spirits and makes us believe that everything can work out in the end. Gino’s Story: From Living Rough to Owning a Business The good news is that there is hope. People once living rough on the streets can change their situations. One such person is Gino… Read More »Obs Journey Update: August 2023

Obs Journey Update: July 2023

Dear Obs Journey friend, It has been a while since we last communicated but things are still moving along and it is time for an update. We are realising the complexity of our challenges and how there is not going to be one simple solution. Our challenges• A shortage of jobs, housing, social support, addiction support and… Read More »Obs Journey Update: July 2023

Obs Journey Update: Aug. 2022

Dear Obs Journey friends, I want to share with you the most important points from our Obs Journey meeting on 6 August 2022. This meeting was to provide an update on developments related to the Obs Journey, and gain inputs from attendees on their concerns and suggestions for improving our neighbourhood. There were 26 community… Read More »Obs Journey Update: Aug. 2022

Bring the Obs Village Green Back to the Community

All Obs residents have a responsibility to keep our public spaces clean and livable. Please look over this poster put together by Obs Pasta Kitchen to remind us all of the responsibility of living in public places.

Obs Journey Update: April 2022

Dear Obs Journey friends, Like many of you, we were shocked, saddened and very sorry to learn of the stabbing and death of a person on the Obs Village Green last week. Farzaan was like family to those in Obs who knew him. Our condolences to his family, friends and all others who cared for him.Unfortunately, the behaviours of some bystanders towards… Read More »Obs Journey Update: April 2022

Start here: What is The Obs Journey?

The Obs Journey is Obs residents working together to address local social issues. We are a group of formally and informally housed residents concerned about crime, safety, litter, anti-social behaviour and lack of services in our community. Our purpose is to improve trust and communication amongst all Obs residents and have a series of conversations,… Read More »Start here: What is The Obs Journey?

Meeting notes from 6 August 2022

BRIEF OVERVIEW This meeting was part of an ongoing series of community meetings to provide an update on developments related to the Obs Journey, and gain inputs from attendees on their concerns and suggestions for improving our neighbourhood. FULL MEETING NOTES Meeting leader: Carolyn NevilleAttendees: 26 people representing both housed and non-housed community members.Location: The… Read More »Meeting notes from 6 August 2022

Meeting notes from 16 February 2022

BRIEF OVERVIEW The Advisory Group will continue its search for an independent facilitator to lead future Obs Journey discussions. The group previously received three proposals from facilitators, but it was felt none of them hit the mark. During this meeting, Kimon Bisogno of Obs Pasta Kitchen, Carlos Mesquita of the Rehoming Collective/Rainbow House, and Councillor… Read More »Meeting notes from 16 February 2022

Obs Journey update: Feb. 2022

It was agreed that a call for proposals from independent facilitators would be made. The purpose of the independent facilitator was to ensure that all the different opinion groupings in Obs would have a chance to talk about the challenges faced by both the street based communities and housed residents in Observatory. It was agreed… Read More »Obs Journey update: Feb. 2022

Meeting notes from 23 October 2021

A small group of community members, including representatives from the OCA and OBSID, convened this meeting for an Obs-led journey to address social issues in inclusive, fair and sustainable ways. Andrew Boraine, an independent facilitator, led the discussion. About 36 people attended Starting the journey These preliminary discussions are the beginning of a journey in… Read More »Meeting notes from 23 October 2021