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Anglo Angst at Theatre Arts

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: Romeo and Johanna in the Anglo-Boer War… And it’s a musical. On the day of the final dress rehearsal everything goes sidewides. The blocking isn’t finished yet, two actors decide not to turn up and the stage manager gets their move-in time completely wrong. A church service starts in half an hour in the theatre. Estefan is determined to go through with the FDR – they’ll have to “Mickey Mouse” the three and a half hour play.  Shakespeare would turn in his grave if he saw this one.

Musical Comedy
Written by Gita FOURIE | Composer & lyricist Vihann VAN ROOYEN | Choreographed by Zoë-blu MOTTRAM | Performed by Anri VAN HELSDINGEN, Gita FOURIE, Jordyn LINKLATER, Mia VAN DER MERWE, Thalia ALBERTS, Vihann VAN ROOYEN, Zoë-blu MOTTRAM



09 - 11 Feb 2023


8:00 pm - 8:00 pm