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Theatre Arts Collective – My Weight and Why I Carry It

My Weight and Why I Carry It is a nuanced comedy that looks at those intimate relationships to which we can all relate.   The show is not a set of guidelines for how to handle fatphobia but there are a few tips for an audience to keep in mind after leaving the show.

The production deals with fatphobia, eating disorders, body positivity or body neutrality, family relations and traumatic childhoods. I have chosen these themes because the play is semi-autobiographical and so the themes reflect my real life experiences growing up fat. From the feedback I have received from audience members who’ve seen the show, it is not an experience that is unique to me.

Theatre / stand up comedy
Written and Performed by Tasmin SHERMAN | Directed by Ingrid WYLDE | Designed by Emily LATT


30 Jan 2023 - 01 Feb 2023


12:00 am - 12:00 am