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Meeting notes from 16 February 2022


The Advisory Group will continue its search for an independent facilitator to lead future Obs Journey discussions. The group previously received three proposals from facilitators, but it was felt none of them hit the mark. During this meeting, Kimon Bisogno of Obs Pasta Kitchen, Carlos Mesquita of the Rehoming Collective/Rainbow House, and Councillor Yusuf Mohamed updated attendees on initiatives they are taking within the community.


Meeting leader: Carolyn Neville
Attendees: 35 people
Location: The NA Room at the Observatory Community Centre


Vuyo Mbala, the newly appointed Social Development Officer for OBSID was welcomed. Vuyo comes with a wealth of experience and the community is looking forward to her involvement. Councillor Yusuf Mohamed and his PA Carolyn Dudgeon were welcomed and there was appreciation from the community regarding their presence at the meeting and their willingness to get involved in the Obs Journey.

Update on the Obs Journey

Quick recap of Obs Journey
There were a number of people who had not attended any previous Obs Journey meetings, so Carolyn outlined the Obs Journey thus far. This information can also be found on under the tab The Obs Journey.

Those present at the meeting were reminded that the challenges faced are not unique to Observatory, but are in fact global challenges. A contributor highlighted the economic dynamic of the challenge – and the need to look at the macro as well as micro levels in solving the problems. It was acknowledged that any criminal elements within the street based community should be dealt with by Law Enforcement. OBSID was acknowledged for the good work that they are doing in assisting in keeping the Village Green tidy, and in helping those who needed assistance through the Social Development Officer.

Current actions

Obs Pasta Kitchen
Kimon Bisogno of Obs Pasta Kitchen updated the group on what they’re doing within the community·

Rehoming Collective/Rainbow House
Carlos Mesquita updated the group on the work of the Homeless Hub and the Rehoming Collective/Rainbow House initiatives. In particular, Carlos spoke of temporary housing pods which have been donated to the Rehoming Collective/Rainbouse House for housing street based community members.

Councillor Yusuf Mohamed
The councillor summarised the meeting he held with OBSID and Carlos Mesquita regarding the challenges faced in Observatory. There is commitment to get all the relevant stakeholders together and to work together towards more sustainable longer term solutions. Councillor Mohamed has committed to being part of the journey, and to assist in finding uniquely Obs solutions to the challenges faced.

Proposals for an independent facilitator
The Advisory Group received three proposals for an independent facilitator – DAG, The Trauma Centre and CwC. It was felt that none of these organisations ‘hit the mark’. Further proposals are coming in from Sabazahara Honeybush and Annie Kirke/Derek Ronnie from the More Than Peace initiative. These will be evaluated by the Advisory Group. It was also suggested that DAG should be approached again. There was general agreement that the search for an independent facilitator should continue.

Communication about the Obs Journey
Social media will be used to update the community and the website will become the depository of the journey thus far. There was general acknowledgement that solutions needed to be found sooner rather than later, as the situation of homelessness is a growing problem.

Thank you Observatory for representing your issues/ideas and being part of the journey towards making our neighbourhood a peaceful place for all who live in it.

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